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Celebration of the Samanak festival in Badakhshan

Kabul – peshgo Report, Sharif Shayeq. Translate, Shaker Rasekh. Women of Badakhshan set up a celebration of “Samanak” in the hope of peace. dozens of young girls gathered alongside of the old women and cooked “Samanak” in hopes of a non-violent year. Samanak festival is held every year in Badakhshan …

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The commander who refuge to the enemy after the years Championship.

Kabul – peshgo Mazdak Walwalji the former commander of the third faction of the fifth section of northern border police, who has fought the Taliban in Takhar, Badakhshan for many years  and due to his courage in the battle on 2012 in Wardoj district of Badakhshan province and the salvation …

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