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Taliban attack on the office of the Afghan Legal and Research Organization, coa

The Taliban arrested and transferred several members of the civil society, including the head of the office, to an unknown location. According to the Peshgo news agency; On 8 February 2012, three days ago, the Taliban’s intelligence service raided the headquarters of the Afghan Legal and Research Organization, < coa> …

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3 Taliban insurgents killed and 1 detained by Afghan National freedom Front soldiers in Kabul

The latest reports indicate that two Taliban fighters were killed and another was captured in Kabul. Archive image A spokesman for the Afghan National freedom Front (ANFF) told Peshgo News Agency: “An hour ago, the Taliban convoys was attacked by a group of Taliban insurgents as a result of a …

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Announcing the existence of the National Front for the Freedom of Afghanistan and the widespread support of men and women in different provinces!

The National Front for the Freedmen of Afghanistan considered the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan honorable and considered entrusting work to workers as one of the equal rights of women and men. According to Peshgo News Agency: The statement of the National Front of Afghan Freedom that reached …

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Protests and warnings of a number of journalists to the global institutions of journalists!

A number of journalists in Kabul protested and called on the International Committee to Protect Journalists to be transparent in sending and distributing aid to Afghan journalists and the process of evacuating journalists from Afghanistan. According to the Peshgo news agency, the journalists, who had gathered in a closed place …

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Protesting women; Habiba Sarabi, Simasmar, Zarifa Ghaffari, Houria Mossadiq, and Shahrzad Akbar do not represent Afghan women!

The women protesters say that women from projects and mafias that have nothing to do with the pain, suffering and hardships of Afghan women have been invited to the next UN summit. According to the Peshgo news agency: the women protesting in one of the closed place by showing posters …

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In the past 12 hours, three young protesters were detained by the Taliban

Before the release of two other female protesters in a Taliban prison this afternoon, another female protester Mursal Ayar, was arrested and taken to an unknown location by Taliban terrorist group. According to Peshgo News Agency, Mursal Ayar, a civil activist and one of the protesting women from Kabul, Fayyaz …

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