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Protests and warnings of a number of journalists to the global institutions of journalists!

A number of journalists in Kabul protested and called on the International Committee to Protect Journalists to be transparent in sending and distributing aid to Afghan journalists and the process of evacuating journalists from Afghanistan.

According to the Peshgo news agency, the journalists, who had gathered in a closed place due to security challenges, took the cards from the institutions that support Afghan journalists and demanded transparency in the aid sent after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

They also said that the process of evacuating journalists from Afghanistan was not transparent. Institutions and individuals who have compiled a list for international organizations in the name of helping journalists.

The reporters also said that they would soon form a commission from among the Kabul and other some provinces journalists themselves to include real journalists in the list of aid and evacuation lists, otherwise no individual, group or institution would have any right inside Afghanistan. To use the names of Afghan journalists.

The reporters said that a large number of reporters were with them, but due to security problems and fear of the Taliban, they could not participate in the protest, but their plans continue and soon their lawsuits will begin in other provinces. Supporters of global journalists are aware of this and defend the rights of real journalists in Afghanistan.

Recently, a number of Reporters living in Germany and France are said to have used lists located near the offices of the RSF and other international organizations of journalists to compile lists that claim to be journalists.

And their lives are in danger, while the information that has reached peshgo news agency, in these lists arranged to the institutions, these people have even taken ten of thousands of dollars from people and have replaced their names with real journalists so that they To be transferred from Afghanistan as a journalist.

Reported – Nahid Nori

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