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Osama bin Laden’s son under the protection of Taliban intelligence!

Afghanistan is a safe haven for the son of Osama bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders Today Friday 17- February 2023: The latest reports received by Peshgo news agency show that Saad bin Laden, the third son of Osama bin Laden and Ibrahim al-Banna, is living in Afghanistan. The evidences …

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Arrest of 10 missing journalists during protests in Iran!

The arrest and summons of at least 10 journalists in the last three days in Iran Peshgo News Agency today, Sunday, 25, 9 2022: Journalist Association of Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced in a statement that at least 10 journalists were summoned and arrested by …

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The Chinese army replaced the Americans at Bagram airport!

Chinese troops have been relocated to Bagram Military Airport. Social media users got this new image of Bagram Airport Ahmad Saeedi, a university professor and political affairs expert in Afghanistan, said residents of Bagram district said Chinese forces had come to repair Bagram airport. According to Professor Saeedi, they have …

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New policy of Pakistani government to issue visas to Afghan citizens

Political The Pakistani embassy in Kabul issued a statement on the new visa policy Government of Pakistan has approved new visa policy for Afghan nationals and Pakistan Embassy in Kabul and its Consulates in Afghanistan have started its implementation. This new visa policy provides following facilitative provisions: One year multi …

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A supply train of NATO vehicles caught fire in Pakistan.

Foreign Several vehicles have been set on fire following an attack on a NATO supply convoy by gunmen in Pakistan. An hour ago, an unidentified armed group in the Bareh area of ​​Pakistan’s Khyber Agency targeted a NATO supply convoy, setting fire to several NATO supply vehicles. To this time …

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