Thursday , November 30 2023

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NMF; We killed six Taliban in the Desert Shield operation in Kabul

In this operation, which was carried out on the Taliban in Shakardara district, six Taliban were killed. Peshgo News Agency; Today, Wednesday, 4- October 2023, the National mobilization Front NMF sent a newsletter to this news agency saying that as a result of an operation called Desert Shield opration in …

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National Mobilization Front; We killed 1 Taliban and wounded 2 others

The National mobilization Front, which was recently formed from former military personnel and has announced its existence against the Taliban terrorist group, announced the attack on the convoy of Taliban gunmen. Peshgo News Agency, today 2, October 2023, the National mobilization Front, which announced its existence last week, announced an …

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Pakistan’s top secret security meeting in Islamabad

The meeting of the heads of government of Pakistan was held in Islamabad under the leadership of the United Nations with the presence of the representatives of the countries of Pakistan, America, England and China. Peshgo news agency, based on the information of a Pakistani source who does not want …

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