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7 journalists and an employee of a private TV were martyred and wounded

kabul Seven media workers, including a normal person, were killed and wounded As a result of the explosion of a mine ring, which had already been deployed in the fourth security district of Kabul police, the incident took place at the crossroads of Kololeh Peshteh, Which targeted a car carrying …

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A famous of Taliban commander was killed in Kunduz

kabul Habib Naseri, a Taliban commander in Kunduz province, was killed last night in a battle with security forces. Habib Naseri was a key member of the Taliban in Kunduz. A week ago, he was injured by Afghan security forces in the village of Kanim. He was death  last night …

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As result of 4 explosions in Kabul, 10 people were injured

kabul As a result of four roadside mine explosions in Kabul, 10 people were injured. Officials at the Ministry of Interior confirmed this news, saying that at around 02:00o clock this afternoon, a magnetic mine exploded in the 11th District of ( Panjshir Wat ) District11, injuring two people . …

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Detention of a key member of the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan

kunar A key member of the ISIS terrorist group has been arrested by the National Army in Kunar province. Last night, following a series of commando operations in the Suki district of Kunar province, an important member of the ISIS terrorist network’s intelligence was arrested along with a handgun. The …

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Afghanistan’s health minister Infected to coronavirus

kabul from several days, Dr. Firoozuddin Firooz, Afghanistan’s Minister of Health, has not been seen in any of the ministry’s official programs or conferences. An hour ago, Dr. wahidullah Mayar, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Health, told Pishgo News Agency: “For several days now, Dr. Firuz al-Din Firuz has …

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