Sunday , May 28 2023
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A book exhibition held in Faizabad city by the girls!

This exhibition are organized under the name of Entrepreneurial Women by female students of Badakhshan University. According to Peshgo News Agency: Today, Monday, 17 October 2022, a number of female economics students of Badakhshan University, in coordination with the Faculty of Economics of that province, held an exhibition under the …

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The right to education was officially taken away from the girls of Afghanistan!

The Taliban Ministry of Education announced that all religious schools (Madrasas) and schools, will be open for boys from tomorrow, and that all male students will attend classes tomorrow. A statement from the Taliban Ministry of Education said; As previously notified to all formal schools up to the sixth grade …

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Towards the use of religious school girls by the Taliban!

The Taliban forced schoolgirls and religious school teachers in Kunduz province to support the Taliban Emarat during a road rally. Several families of religious schoolgirls ( Madrasa ) claimed in a message to the Peshgo news agency, that the girls and religious school teachers in Kunduz province were mostly underage …

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Taliban set fire to a school in Takhar province

Takhar – peshgo Hours ago, a group of Taliban fighters set fire to a school in Takhar province. Khalil Asir, spokesman for the Takhar Police Command, confirmed the news: An hour earlier a group of Taliban fighters in the village of Budala, located between Baharak district and Taliqan’s second security …

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