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The Shah Tut dam do not build!

Last week, an agreement was signed between the Indian and Afghan foreign ministers on the construction of the Shah Tut Dam in Chahar Asyab district, via virtual video conference; But residents of the Lelander Valley say they will not allow the Afghan government to build the dam.

Residents of Llandar Valley in Chahar Asyab district of Kabul province say that Lander Valley has 17 villages and one of its villages is called Shah Tut.
Gen. Abdul Khalil Emamzadeh, chairman of Dara-e-Llandar People’s Council in Chahar Asyab district of Kabul province, told a Peshgo news agency reporter who had visited Llandar Valley to visit the site of the dam: The dam is to be built in the village of Omrakhan, five kilometers from the village of Shah Tut, and after the construction of this dam, the 17 villages located at the top of the dam will all be submerged. Therefore, if a dam is built, it should be named Lander Dam, because the main victims in the construction of this dam are the people of the Lander Valley, and because of this dam, where there are national interests, these people have houses, gardens and trees, and cemeteries and lands. They sacrifice them, so why is this dam called Shah Tut made?

Mohammad Hanif Hussainkhil, deputy head of the Lander Valley People’s Council, said some influential people in the government and the Kabul Provincial Council, who live in the village of Shah Tut, wanted to persuade the government to name the dam Shah Tut; While the village of Shah Tut is located five kilometers from the dam, he also called for the government to rename the Shah Tut dam to Llandar.

Mohammad Zubair is a resident of the Tajikan village of Llandar valley. He says that due to the construction of this dam, all the lands of their ancestral homes and cemeteries will be flooded, so they are not willing to build this dam.

On the other hand; He says that if the dam is to be renamed the Shah Tut Dam, residents of 17 Lelander villages will never allow the government to build the dam.

“If this dam is built, called Lander Dam, they will be willing to make any sacrifice to build this dam,” he said.

MaazuDin Shafaq, deputy head of the Lander Valley Social Council, told Peshgo that the program of construction of the dam had begun since the time of Mohammad Daud Khan, the country’s first president.

Report – Mohammad Suliman Sedeqi

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