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1400movement; Mohammad Ashraf Ghani should step aside and stop distributing electronic ID cards!

This morning, hundreds of young people and civil activists and citizens who spontaneously formed a movement called Fourteen Hundred movement, protested in front of the House of Representatives, demanding the removal of Ashraf Ghani and a halt to the distribution of electronic ID cards.

These spontaneous citizens, who started their march from Alawadin intersection in the sixth security district, reached the door of the country’s parliament and closed the gates of the parliament to the members of parliament for an hour, demanding the cessation of electronic ID cards Were.

Tamim Shofehi, a member of the civil protest, told Peshgoo News Agency: “The purpose of our march is to cancel the decision and plans of the central census, which in collusion with the leaders inside the citadel wants ethnic tensions between the tribes and on the other “three ethnic groups” The big ones, like the Tajiks, divide the Hazaras and Uzbeks into small tribes, which is not acceptable to the citizens of the country. “

Sanaa al-Haq Saif: Another protester talking about today’s protest,

“In electronic IDs, three large ethnic groups such as Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras are divided into small ethnic groups, and if this division of ethnic groups is in the interest of the country, then why the respected Pashtun ethnic group, which includes more than 100 other ethnic groups?

“It has not been said about it. So, this decision shows the ethnocentrism of government leaders like Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, and we first want to stop distributing electronic ID cards and then demand the removal of Ashraf Ghani.”

These protesters with the slogans of Ashraf Ghani, go aside, go away, we want an immediate end to the ethnic identity card, the distribution of the electronic identity card must be carried out in accordance with the decree of 1393. We are not all Afghans, they marched to the door of the parliament.

The protesters ended their protests by reading a five-article resolution in front of the gates of parliament, saying that if their demands were not met within 15 days, they would once again take to the streets in large numbers.

Report – Fowad Nazari

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