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An Alqaeda suicide bomber commander was killed in Daikundi!

According to the reports received from Daikundi province, last night a suicide bomber commander of the Taliban group who was affiliated with Al-Qaeda was killed along with 8 of his people in Daikundi province.

Archive image of Qari Talha Zarmati

Peshgo news agency, today dated 6 of september 2022, according to the reports received, Qari Talha Zarmati, the commander of a special suicide unit of the Taliban group, which was affiliated with Al-Qaeda, around 1:00 O,clock at last night, when he left the first camp of this group located in Takht Sang district of Daikundi province, he killed with 8 of his men.

At the same time, the National Liberation Front of Afghanistan ( Jabhe Meli Azadagan )took responsibility for the killing of this key Al-Qaeda commander by publishing a newsletter and said that, Qari Talha Zarmati was training Afghan youths in North Waziristan to be terrorists and brought them into Afghanistan for suicide attacks and spent ten years in one He has served as a teacher of suicide attacks and suicide attacks in the religious schools of North Waziristan in Pakistan.

In the newsletter of this front, it is said that after Afghanistan was surrendered to the Taliban group, Qari Talha entered Afghanistan in Daikundi Province, he was responsible for advancing a Taliban suicide attack from Al-Qaeda’s address until he was killed by their men last night.

Reporter: jawed ahmd kargar

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