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Speed ​​up ISIL recruitment in Afghanistan through WhatsApp chat groups!

After the fall of the republic of Afghanistan, a large number of fighters and commanders of the ISIL terrorist group were released from prisons of the Afghan government jails, and the group is currently recruiting in many provinces and in many provinces even carrying out anti-terrorist activities against the group. Taliban terrorism has also begun.

According to the Pishgo news agency: Today, March 7, 2022, after the fall of the republic, a number of supporters, commanders and members of the ISIL terrorist group were detained as a result of the efforts and sacrifices of the security forces of the previous government. Ghani’s escape from Afghanistan to the Taliban, a large number of prisoners of the ISIS terrorist group with the opening of the gates of Kabul prisons. Kandahar. Balkh and Herat released from previous government prisons are now recruiting and carrying out destructive terrorist activities.

The terrorist group has also stepped up its terrorist attacks against the Taliban in many provinces of Afghanistan.

The group’s first attacks on civilians in front of the southern gate of Kabul Airport, after the fall of the Republic, began with the group’s massive attack in the Khak-e-Safid district of Farah province, which is said to be the group’s latest attack.

The group is still present in Shahjoy districts. daichopan. And Arghandab are active in Zabul province.

Also in Nangarhar province in Achin districts. pechragam. chaprham. ghani khail. They are active in Daudzai and Aghzo villages and even in the center of the province.

ISIL is present in Afghanistan through virtual networks, most of which are WhatsApp numbers in the United States. Pakistan. Germany, Iran, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan, and even Turkish numbers are recruiting.

ISIL operates in Afghanistan through WhatsApp various chat groups under the names of Invitation to Jihad, Ibn Taymiyyah Rahmatullah and several other groups, in which most of the images and crimes against humanity are displayed and the youth are directed to They call for jihad against governments and even the terrorist group Taliban, the United States and Iran.

Many of the group’s messages, which were broadcast under US, Iranian and Pakistani numbers, called on young people to take part in the jihad against the United States and the Taliban in order to form an Islamic caliphate in Afghanistan.

In one of the messages of this group, they also claimed responsibility for the killing of three Iranian clerics and said that these three clerics were sent to hell.

The three clerics in Iran who are said to have been killed by this young Afghan have also taken it as a good omen and welcomed it in the fight against achieving their goal.

Also in these chat groups, not only men but also women are asked to take part in jihad and jihad al-nikah so that they can support this terrorist group more than before so that they can be successful not only in Afghanistan but also in the world. . .

After the fall of the government and the rule of the Taliban terrorist group in Afghanistan in three districts of Zabul province, the group has taken 70% of the power. Including Shahjoyi district of Zabul province, Achin district of Nangarhar province.

Last week, ISIS attacked the house of the Taliban district governor in Khak-e-Safid district of Farah province, killing several Taliban bodyguards in Khak-e-Safid district and seriously wounding the district governor himself.

The Taliban commander in Anar Dara district of Farah province also collected all the checkpoints in and around the district for fear of ISIL attacks and transferred them to the district center and around the commander of the district so that he would not be attacked by ISIL. To be ..

SIS is currently in Faryab provinces. jawzjan. Takhar. badakhshan. parwan. Kapisa. Around Kabul. nangarhar. laghman. . Paktia, Kandahar. Farah. Helmand and Herat have increased their activities.

In the past, this group was only in Nangarhar provinces. Farah and Faryab were active, but after the fall of the Republic, a large number of Taliban extremists who did not reach a position in the government of the Taliban became dissatisfied with the group and joined ISIS, lowering the Taliban’s white flag and black flag They raised ISIS.

Also due to extreme poverty, after the fall of the republic and lack of economic income for the remnants of the security forces of the former government, which ISIL is responsible for and pay from 500 to 700 US dollars per fighter of this group, a number of former soldiers in Nangarhar Provinces. Farah, Faryab, Jawzjan and Zabul have joined the group.

The way to attract and recruit in this group is the same WhatsApp chat groups that hire and assign people in their duties and the way of determining their salaries is also determined through these chat groups, by inciting the youth and killing people. In different places.

Meanwhile, the Taliban terrorist group announced on 18 March last year that 50 members of the ISIS group in Nangarhar province had surrendered to the group and were pardoned by Amir al-Momenin.

The group has also repeatedly stated that the Taliban are currently the only ruling group in Afghanistan that controls all of Afghanistan.

But given the situation, the group’s spokesmen sometimes reveal that the Taliban in Afghanistan now controls less than 80 percent of the country.

Because sometimes this group talks about the skin of ISIL and sometimes they talk about clashes and battles with the opposition fronts of this group in Panjshar, Parwan, Kapisa, Baghlan, Balkh and Faryab provinces.

There are also rumors that all Taliban checkpoints were collected at night from different parts of Mahmudraqi city center of Kapia province so that they would not be targeted by fighters of the Liberation Fronts such as the National Freedom Front, the National Liberation Front and the Afghan Freedom Front. They are transferred to the command center of the province and in the morning they are returned to their main centers

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