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Pakistani helicopter fired and a Pakistani general wounded in and possible attack on Afghanistan!

According to reports from Nimroz province, a Pakistani army helicopter had entered Afghanistan. As a result of Taliban members firing on the helicopter, it was forced to hold an emergency landing and a Pakistani general was wounded.

A picture of the Pakistani army preparing for a war with Afghanistan at noon

According to Peshgo News Agency: Today, Friday, April 8, 2022, sources from Nimroz province of Afghanistan reported that a Pakistani army helicopter entered Zakir Camp or Zakir village, which is part of Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province along the Pakistani border, and fired weapons. The Taliban were forced to hit the helicopter several times and were forced to return to Pakistan a few steps away from the Afghan border.

A Pakistani army general was also seriously injured in the helicopter crash.

Voices reaching Peshgo News Agency show that the Pakistani Border Army is seeking revenge against the general and is organizing an army to launch a military attack on the Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province, and the village of Zakir on both sides of the Pakistani border. And nimroz is in a state of war.

After the fall of the Islamic State of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the Pakistani army violated international law and set up checkpoints in the border areas of the country, from its main locations in Afghanistan, due to the close ties between the Taliban terrorist group and The Pakistani government has not taken this issue seriously, but occasionally the Taliban, who are the main residents of the border areas, have condemned the actions of the Pakistani army and clashed several times in border areas such as Nangarhar and Khost provinces.

But now that a Pakistani general has been wounded in Nimroz province, another situation is emerging that could lead to a larger, unprecedented war if Pakistani military leaders and the Taliban do not intervene.

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