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Foreign media use of Afghan journalists!

With the fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the closure of most media outlets and the flight of journalists abroad, a number of European and American media outlets, with their headquarters abroad, offered Kabul journalists freelance work.

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But a month later, not only did they not pay the reporters, but they are not being held accountable now.

Most of these media outlets refused to pay the salaries or wages of these journalists, and even a few of these media outlets did not respond to calls and messages from Kabul reporters.

such as the British BBC English, India Today TV, Bayan Radio and Bayan Shomal. And several other USA media outlets.

Some of these correspondents complain about the foreign media, saying that on the one hand, their country has become miserable, some journalists have lost their duties and also they are facing with economical crisis, on the other hand, these foreign media are not present under various pretexts to pay for the work of these journalists.

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According to Peshgo News Agency, the German country sponsored to Bayan Radio
and now German are shut down all its equipment in Afghanistan for two months ago .
They stopped publishing and left 60 employees without pay .

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