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successor OF Habib Estalif and the Rais Khodadad were killed!

After several years of pursuit and search, Kabul police killed Rohan Paghman and two of his companions in the fourth district.

Gen. Jamshid Tutakhil, Kabul’s police chief, told a news conference this afternoon, that Rohan Paghman, who was the deputy Rais Khodadad group, was killed along with two of his companions, , killed in a clash with police. The desire for weapons and military equipment came to fruition.

According to the Kabul security official: When the Kabul police went to the fourth security district to arrest these people, not only did they shoot in front of the police, but they also took six local women of this aria.

Happily, the Kabul police worked diligently to kill Rohan Paghman, the successor to rais Khodadad and Habib Stalif, along with two of his comrades, and seized a large number of ammunition from them.

Mr. Tutakhil said that Rohan Paghman had killed his wife two years ago along with his mother-in-law and brother-in-law.

Rais Khodadad was arrested by Kabul police a few years ago and sentenced to death for embezzlement, murder, extortion, and Habib Stalif was executed in Pul-e-Charkhi prison after being sentenced to death by a court.

And now Rohan Paghman is being prosecuted by the security forces for several murders and armed robberies, as well as kidnappings.

Report – Nabila Jalali – Kabul

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