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Cyber ​​attack on Peshgo news agency website


Yesterday afternoon, 29 octobar 2020, the hackers tried to hack the Peshgo news agency site with their efforts; But they did not succeed.

Mohammad Elias Mohammadi, news director of Peshgo News Agency, says: Hackers tried to hack our news site. But with the efforts of the technical team of Pishgo News Agency, we were able to neutralize their goal.

According to Mr. Mohammadi; At around 4:12 yesterday evening, control of this site was out of our reach for a few minutes, and with the efforts of the technical team, we were able to regain control of our site and neutralize the hacker attack.

Mohammadi added that although it was not clear which country the hackers targeted and to which country. But from the increase of three categories on the site by them, it became clear that these hackers belong to the country of Ukraine.

Peshgo News Agency has been operating in the world of media for a year, in the political, social, cultural fields, providing immediate reports from inside and outside the country through websites and other social networks, in Persian and English Provides information.

For now, this website is back to normal and no problem.

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