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Group dismissal of female journalists from Afghan media

Female employees and journalists were dismissed from active media in Afghanistan as a group.

Following the recent restrictions imposed by the Taliban group on the work of women in Afghanistan, the media in Afghanistan have also fired their female employees and reporters.

Peshgo News Agency today 10-1-2023: According to the social media in Afghanistan, a number of female journalists in Kabul say that the officials of the active media in Kabul and other provinces have told them not to make this issue a media issue.

At the same time, residents of the capital have said to Peshgo news agency that the presence of women in video and audio media has decreased since a few days and it is possible that the activities of female journalists have been reduced by the Taliban.
But the officials of these media have not said anything about this news.

Before this, the Taliban group had also imposed restrictions on women employees of offices and foreign non-governmental organizations.
And based on this, dozens of non-governmental organizations and foreign charities suspended their activities in Afghanistan.

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