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40 Pakistani militiamen were killed in Kandahar airport

Last night, 40 Pakistani militiamen, including one of their generals, were killed at Kandahar airport.

Last night, with the poisoning of the food of the Taliban soldiers at the Kandahar International Airport, which is the headquarters of the Pakistani militias, and from where the Pakistanis give military training to the Taliban in order to learn the repressive methods of the fighters and resistance fighters.

40 of these militias were killed when their air was poisoned
This morning, the bodies of these soldiers, including some Taliban and a Pakistani general, were brought to Kandahar Central Hospital.

On the other hand, the National Liberation Front ( Azadagan / NLF ) has said that their influencers had poisoned the food of the Taliban terrorist camp, which killed more than 40 Pakistanis and Taliban, and a number of others are in serious condition.

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