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Has the United Nations forgotten Afghanistan like Rwanda?

Dr. Malik setiz, Expert in International Law Professor of Political Science, Criticizing human rights organizations and institutions, he suggested that the Taliban be forced to release Master Jalal. And work as soon as possible to understand the security and economic situation of the Afghan people.

To the UN Human Rights Council, To the Committee on Human Rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, To the United Nations Committee against Torture, To Amnesty International, To Human Rights Watch, To the International Committee for the Protection of Freedom of Expression, To the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, To the EU Commissioner for Human Rights, To the Committee to Protect Journalists’ RightsThe anti-human rights.

Regime of the Islamic Emirate of T-aliban commits heinous human rights crimes. The T-alibans are working hard to limit Afghanistan’s most essential and fundamental human rights values.

Home searches, harassment of former government employees, and media threats. The persecution of women’s rights activists and human rights defenders is on the agenda of this totalitarian regime.Today Dr Faizullah Jalal, a professor at Kabul University, was arrested and brutally humiliated. Pictures and videos from various cities in Afghanistan show that the country’s citizens are being insulted in public.

On the other hand, human rights activists have documented dozens of images and videos depicting the physical, mental, and psychological torture of former government soldiers.The human rights situation is appalling as the widespread poverty of Afghanistan’s unfortunate people pervades. Dozens of children die of cold and hunger every day.

This year cold is unprecedented in Afghanistan. Government services have dropped to zero. Afghanistan’s neighbours have also limited their economic contacts due to global excuses and political interactions.As an expert in international law and human rights,

I ask what the role of your institutions is in this situation? Why do not international mechanisms, regulations, norms and policies respond to this deplorable situation? Is there a silence under international law with institutions that violate all the principles of international relations in the name of the de facto government?Today the credibility of the international community is being judged in the minds of the poor people of Afghanistan and the conscience of humanity.

We urge you to immediately review the human rights situation and economic poverty in Afghanistan and reach out to the people of Afghanistan.

It was too late when the United Nations apologized for the crimes against humanity in Rwanda. History did not accept this apology.

Please learn that lessons and dozens of other historical lessons about Afghanistan and do not let a mountain of poor dead weigh on the scales of human society.

Dr Malek Sitez International law Researcher

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