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The last breaths of freedom of expression in Afghanistan!

Following the beating and arrest of journalists and the censorship of media reports and programs by Taliban officials, the founder of a media outlet has now been tortured.

Mr Haji Mohammad Arif Noori

Alhaj Mohammad Aref Noori, the founder of the Noorin Radio and Television Network, was taken from his home to an unknown location by the group this afternoon, and it is said that he has been beaten so far.

Last week, the Taliban attacked the Noorin radio and television network and took away the network’s founder, along with disrespect.

Meanwhile, a member of the Supreme Council of the International Federation of Journalists said that the torture and detention of journalists by the Taliban in Afghanistan was a sign of their hostility to freedom of expression and the media.

Abdul samad hamed Pouya: Media networks and journalists are civil, neutral and non-political individuals and institutions and should not be questioned illegally.

Abdul Samad Hamed Poya

Mr. Pouya also stressed the urgent release of Haji Aref Nouri and called on the Kabul authorities not to arbitrarily detain and torture journalists.

According to Mr. Pouya: “Unfortunately, with the Taliban rule in afghanistan, a large number of journalists were arrested and tortured, and a number were deported, and more than 60% of the Afghan media has been out of print.”

The Afghan media is being treated in a discriminatory manner, and Taliban Emirati spokesmen have repeatedly said that they are serious about preventing such treatment, but not only has it not decreased, but it has also increased unprecedentedly.

Haji Mohammad Aref Nouri, in addition to being the founder of Noorin Radio and Television, has also been the founder of the school of the national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud

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