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New policy of Pakistani government to issue visas to Afghan citizens


The Pakistani embassy in Kabul issued a statement on the new visa policy

Government of Pakistan has approved new visa policy for Afghan nationals and Pakistan Embassy in Kabul and its Consulates in Afghanistan have started its implementation. This new visa policy provides following facilitative provisions:

  • One year multi entry visit /tourist visa with 60 days stay in each visit
  • Three-months Treatment Visa on arrival at Torkham border terminal in case of serious illness including injuries, broken bones/limbs, ailing children and pregnant female patients with one attendant only. NO visa for Ballistic wound cases on arrival at Torkham.
  • Upto 5 years family visit visa with multiple entries with one year stay to those Afghans who have spouses of Pakistani origin and their children.
  • Five-year Business visa with multiple entries to genuine Afghan businessmen whose investment in Pakistan is not less than Rs. 50 million or 2-3 years to those whose investment in Pakistan is not less than Rs. 20-50 million.
  • Entry study visas for the duration of study programme with multiple entries at school/college/university level
  • One-year entry work visa with multi entries on the recommendation of Board of Investment of Pakistan

Embassy of Pakistan has taken special measures for improving visa processing. Last week, Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul and Pakistan’s four Consulates in Afghanistan have issued more than 19,000 visas to Afghan nationals. The Embassy will continue to provide visas to Afghan nationals in a dignified and honorable way.

The newsletter also states that, It is once again reiterated that Embassy has no agent or no fee on visas for Afghan nationals. The applicants are advised not to pay any fee/charges in the name of facilitating processing of visa to anyone.

The embassy also stressed that we thank the Afghan authorities for their cooperation with the embassy for day-to-day management, which is a large number of visa applicants, and we wish to continue this cooperation.

Recently, the Pakistani embassy said that the new visa policy and facilitation measures reflect the deep ties between our brotherly peoples and nations.


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