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A woman killed by her husband 


Local sources in Faryab province report that a woman killed by her husband and  family members.

Maria Nouri, head of women’s affairs in Faryab province, said Pishgo News Agency, a woman that named Bibi Qurban Shah, daughter of  Seyed Moqim, the main and current resident of Sari village, in Khajeh Sabzpoosh district, was beaten by her husband and family members and later killed.

Ms. Nouri added: Bibi Qurban Shah’s sister says that her sister was mysteriously killed by her husband brother in law Seyed Maroof and her another brother Seyed Sharif and her mother-in-law Bibi Sara.

According to Ms. Nouri: Bibi Qurban Shah’s body was brought to Faryab District Hospital by her brother in law and  it is said that Bibi Qurban Shah threw herself into a well and committed suicide.

However, an investigation by doctors at the Faryab District Hospital showed that Bibi Qurban Shah had died due to the severity of the torture, and that the Faryab criminal police had arrested mother in law of Bibi Qurban Shah’s and her brother-in-law.
And the body of Bibi Qurban Shah was handed over to her mother’s father, who immigrated to Mazar-e-Sharif.
It is noteworthy that in an area of ​​Khaja Sabz Posh district where the incident took place, it is under the control of the Taliban.

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