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100+ girls graduated from the 3-months technology bootcamp scholarship

Today, 19th April 2020, about 100 Afghan girls graduated from the technology bootcamp scholarship program, which was designed for the first time in Afghanistan by the private company “Tonext” and funded by the promote women in economy program in Kabul.

The organizers of the program say that 30% of the graduates of this program are currently working in different companies.

“The first round of the program, which more than 25 girls graduated from, was an exam round that we successfully set up with our own budget”, said Behishta Azami, one of the organizers of the Bootcamp.

She added: “The second round of the program, from which we witnessed the graduation of 100 girls today, was held with the financial support of Promote Women in Economy. The course took about a month to attract talent, and participants trained for three months.”

Akmal Arzhang, another organizer of this training says that the purpose of this course is to eliminate the time gap between students’ leisure and the labor market. “By holding these programs, we are helping students, especially Afghan girls, to find work soon after graduation”, He said.

On the other hand, the participants of this program expressed their satisfaction with the holding of such educational programs for Afghan girls, whose rights have been ignored in society at all times, and called on domestic and foreign companies and institutions to work through training programs to empower Afghan girls.

Shakiba Alizadah, a graduate of this program, says: “I am very happy that I was able to successfully complete this educational program. The training program was excellent. I ask the organizers of this program to continue holding such training courses”.

Husna Temoori, another graduate of the program, who was introduced to a company in Kabul through this training program and is currently working on it, said it was important to hold such programs to develop the talents of Afghan girls. “I hope that in the future we will also be witnessed of such programs”, she said. In the meantime; The organizers of the program say that the third batch of this program is ongoing in which 50 more girsl will be graduated from graphic design classes.

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