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Interchange of the life of Afghan children in exchange of bread in Syria war.

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IranWare Network, in its Tuesday March 24, 2019 paper has published a particle, Under the name of “How to protest the dispatching of children to the Syria war” and unmasked the issue of dispatching of underage Afghani and Iranian children. IranWare, which is a Humanity rights paper in Iran has asked all parents in Afghanistan and Iran not to encourage their sons in the name of religion and religion in the Syria war.

In the context of the report of the publication: the paper, despite the request of human rights institutions to the Iran government to stop the sending of Afghan immigrant and Iranian children to Syria to fight, the Islamic Republic of Iran is still in an illegal process and contrary to the Universal conventions of Human Rights.

Sada-va-Sima In December 1396, published a controversial video of a Mazandaran teenager as a “shrine defender” who had gone to Syria for war. In this video, the child a 13yeras old child facing-camera introduced himself “Amir Mahdi” that his wish and honor are “martyrdom”.

The person behind the camera also proudly named him “the smallest defender of the shrine” in Syria. In fact, it was a direct advertisement to send Iranian children to Syria.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, after the eight-year war with Iraq, continued to the inclusion of children and adolescents as a rallied force. children who their first activities introduced in mosques, religious delegations and bases of rally, but during the 2009 presidential election accidents, many of these children and teenagers were gunned down in the streets. A few years later they also sent them to war in Syria. and now there are also signs of sending rallies teenagers and children and Afghan immigrant children to the Syria war. They were sent to Syria by the name of “Shrine Defenders” or member of the “Fatimion forces”.

“Human Rights Lookouts Organization” for the first time on October 1, 2017, in a statement explicitly announced the role of the Iran Guard Corps in transferring children under the age of 18 to Syria war. This organization described the sending of children under the age of 15 to war, a “war crime.” Human Rights Watch by survey of the headstones of cemeteries of the Burying place of the people who were killed in Syria war announced that at least eight Afghan refugees under the age of 18 have been buried in here, that all were killed in Syria.

The statement said: “Iranian authorities instead of Trapping Afghan Asylum seeker children and adolescents should protect all children and adolescents and punish those responsible for using Afghan children and adolescents in war.

However, “Bahram Qasemi”, spokeswoman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, denied the Human Rights Watch’s report and said: “If there were people who were involved with the Afghan people in Syria and that they did something, It doesn’t relate to the government of Iran and this issue is wrong from the basis.”

10 days after the release of the Human Rights Watch’s statement, the Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman, on October 10, 1396, with confirming the sending of Afghan refugee children to Syria to fight Syria war said: that they were forced to engage in acts contrary to international principles.

Ahmad Shakib Mustaghni, in a conversation with the BBC Persian website, explained: “that the Iranian authorities’ response until that time was that the participation of Afghan refugees in the war in Syria was voluntary.” This Afghan official of the ministry of foreign said: “After the release of the human right watch’s report, they asked to stop the participating of Afghan refugees in Syria war.”

However, “Iran veer” more than a year later, in January 2018, released a story of a 15-year-old Afghan immigrant child in Iran, who was sent to Syria under the pretext of work inside the shrine, but when he arrived, had to fight against ISIS.

In part of the subject he said that along with 200 other young Afghan migrants,   were transferred to a military training center in Varamin-Iran by the corps guards of “Ayatullah Khomaini shrine” where they will learn using weapons and military tactics. Their training lasted only 20 days, he fought in Fatimion forces in front of ISIS for eight months, and then, when he finds that granting of the residence card to Iran for the Fatemion militants is only a promising, he returns to Afghanistan with a leave. But after a few months, due to lack of work in Afghanistan, again he enters smuggling in the Iran border and becomes busy with wage labor.

The Fatimion Division is a paramilitary force affiliated to the Guards Corps, which is comprised of Iranians and Afghan Shiites, who are sent to Syria from 2012 to fight ISIS forces. They consider it their duty to defend the Islamic world.

According to reports the Guards corps offers directly to many Afghans who have illegally entered Iran, to choose fighting in Syria war or Deportation to Afghanistan. Many choose fight in hopes of survival and return to Iran for a fresh starting of life.

They are offered a more lenient offer with the promise of proper rights and a residence permit on condition of fighting; exchange of life versus bread. They are children who are not bound by anything, they are illegally entering Iran and do not have a birth certificate or a residence card.

The dispatch of children under the age of 18 to the Syrian war by the Guards corps is under way as the “Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Intervention of Children in Armed Conflicts” has not yet been approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly since the dissolution of the opposition in 2010.

In 1993, Iran joined the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 2010 the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict was signed by the Iran foreign minister on the sidelines of the United Nations Seances , but it has taken six years that the Protocol to be signed in 1395 by Hasan Rohani. Then it was submitted to the parliament in the form of a bill, but since cause of the Sabotages of opposition in 1395 the bill has not yet been ratified.

Countries that approve this optional protocol are required to refrain from sending people under the age of 18 years, and soldiers under the age of 18 will be immediately removed from service in the armed forces if they are identified. Also, armed groups outside the armed forces of the country, absolutely and under no circumstances should not be engaged in armed conflicts those are under the age of 18.

According to Note 3, article 3 of the protocol, if the member countries intend to use children aged 15 to 18 in the armed forces (provided they do not use them in war), their presence must be voluntary.

More than 170 countries have accepted this optional protocol, but Iran is one of the countries that it has signed, but has not yet ratified. One of the reasons for the protests against the protocols is the Islamic narrations and hadiths that have not set any definitive age limits in defense.

“Gholam Ali Jafarzada Aman abadi” a parliamentarian and one of the opponents of the ratification of this protocol in September 2015, said joining to this protocol meant to Suppressing the corps and more restrictions on the armed forces, he said that Western and American countries by this protocol wants to put pressure on Iran.

the government of Iran, the rallies forces and the Guards Corps is responsible for deceiving children with colorful promises and smuggling them to fight in Syria. however, none of these authorities and institutions have not yet to respond to the charges brought against them in this regard.

Mosa Barzin Khalifa Lo, a lawyer and adviser of IranWare, the actions that international organizations, besides making statements, can do against Iran in using children in war, said: “Unfortunately, there was no other way than to make statements. Because these crimes are internal crimes, we still do not have an international standard for internal crimes in the world. Unfortunately, Iran is not a member of the International Criminal Court, which can be tried in this way. Only the United Nations and human rights commissions can prepare reports and oblige Iran to respond it, but apart from this, no other action is legally possible.”

In this form, the plaintiff’s family must be seized in front of the corps, which has led her child to war, especially since the Guards corps is legally has not permission to employing foreign troops.

But naturally, we and the families know, that the powerful and official organ of the Corps will certainly be able to get rid of these complaints with legal evidence.”

Many families who provide their children to the corps for fighting in Syria, believe in their faith or have financial needs, and inevitably have their children in return for their monthly salary or permission to study and reside in Iran.

“Mosa Bazin Khalifa lo” tells IranWare about, that Iran citizens as an Attorney General can sue this case: “Since human trafficking is a general crime, citizens’ complaints are possible and prosecutors Legally follow up. However, the issue is where the follow-up of this sample of complaints ends.

We should not forget that the issue of sending children to Syria is illegally, smuggling and deceiving them from powerful government that cannot be legally.”

The deportation of illegal Iranian and Afghan immigrant children in Iran continues without the authorities responding. The Iranian authorities say that these small warriors are defenders of the shrine of Zaynab and go to war with their heart and wish nothing but martyrdom.

However, citizens can contact the prosecutor’s office or the public relations department of the city of different cities, if they find out about sending a child to fight Syria, and asking them to file a case about the children.

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