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Afghan women’s network condemned Pakistan apparent interferences in Afghanistan’s political affairs.

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Reporter, M, shaker Rasekh

Today Thursday (March, 28th 2019) Several members of the Afghan’s Women network cautionary Declared at a news conference that they would not allow Pakistan and any other country to Profane the authority of the Afghan nation.
They condemn Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement and said that Pakistan’s apparent interferences on the fate of the Afghan people is contrary to all national and international standards.
Shinkai Karukhel, the founder of the Afghan Women’s Network, says: that “recent statements by Imran Khan, along with his obvious interventions on domestic issues of Afghanistan, undermines the peace process in Afghanistan.”

“These women’s response will always continue, and Pakistan has no right to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and politics.” said Roshan Siran, a member of the Afghan Women’s Network.
“Pakistan should first Inspect its internal conflicts, and never have the right to intervene in other countries, especially Afghanistan,” said women’s rights activist Foruzan Rasoli, one of the participants in the ceremony.

Ms. Rasooli added: “women in Afghanistan will never be affected by Pakistan’s Statements and interference.”
At the end of the meeting, a resolution was read by the Afghan women’s network, which called on the Pakistan government to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. since these interventions had no other benefit but war, bloodshed, persecution and Breaking the security of Afghanistan. If Pakistan asks for lasting peace and the end of the war in Afghanistan, it must be united in the fight against global terrorism and be honest in bringing peace to Afghanistan.
The repeated offer by the Pakistan Chancellor to create an interim government in Afghanistan is in violation of all international standards and UN resolutions on non-interference in the affairs of the countries.

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