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Kabul airport Russian fighter, arrived in Pakistan

The Russian Su-21 combat jet from front of Kabul airport, which was a symbol of the historical freedom struggle of the Afghan army, and this was inactive jet, which was put on display in front of Kabul airport, it given to Pakistan by the Taliban. In a video that posted …

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40 Pakistani militiamen were killed in Kandahar airport

Last night, 40 Pakistani militiamen, including one of their generals, were killed at Kandahar airport. Last night, with the poisoning of the food of the Taliban soldiers at the Kandahar International Airport, which is the headquarters of the Pakistani militias, and from where the Pakistanis give military training to the …

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A book exhibition held in Faizabad city by the girls!

This exhibition are organized under the name of Entrepreneurial Women by female students of Badakhshan University. According to Peshgo News Agency: Today, Monday, 17 October 2022, a number of female economics students of Badakhshan University, in coordination with the Faculty of Economics of that province, held an exhibition under the …

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