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Protesters women injured in Kabul by Taliban!

As many as 50 women rights activists have staged a demonstration in Kabul to demand a seat in the new Taliban cabinet. Women during today’s protests in Kabul The women say that although the Taliban were unable to form a cabinet in more than 20 days, but they are set …

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Taliban drones attack in Takhar province!

A drone strike by Taliban militants in Takhar province has killed eight Local police Local sources in Takhar province say on Saturday, April 24, 2021, that in a Taliban drone strikes on positions of the popular uprising forces in Bangi district of the province have killed 8 of these forces …

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105 coronary patients in the last 24 hours in Afghanistan

Kabul The Ministry of Health announces the increase of 105 new cases of Corona virus in the past 24 hours In the past 24 hours, 105 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the country, bringing the total number of coronavirus disease patients in Afghanistan to 36,473. According to …

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Baqir Mohaqeq, been shot to death inside of his premises

Kabul – peshgo The son of the second deputy chief executive officer was killed. As a result of clashes between Hussein Mohaqeq and Baqer Mohaqeq, sons of Mohammad Mohaqeq second deputy chief executive, Baqer Mohaqeq is killed. The Kabul Police Command confirms this, saying that at around 9am this morning, …

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