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The self-proclaimed Emirate of Taliban Terroristan, has no authority to cancel the license of the media!

Since the Taliban have taken over the government in Afghanistan, they have put a lot of pressure on the media to cover up their war crimes. Any media that did not bow down to the illegitimate and inhuman demands of this group and did not say a word, the officials and journalists of these media were interrogated and tortured and even several journalists were martyred.

This oppression and torture of this group against reporters and media caused the gates of 65% of Afghan media to be closed and dozens of other media from outside Afghanistan to continue their broadcasts.

Peshgo news agency is one of the media outlets whose activity license has been revoked by the Taliban.

Peshgo news agency since 15 August of 2021, when the government of Afghanistan was surrendered to this terrorist group by the former president Ashraf Ghani.

has not given lip service to any illegal and inhumane demands of this group and has repeatedly revealed the war crimes and cruelty and torture of the gunmen of this group,

in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Law of Public Media based on which in 2018 It has obtained its activity from the respected Ministry of Information and Culture of that time, according to which it has organized and broadcast and published its reports considering the principle of freedom of expression and the national interests of the country.

Dissemination and publication of unbiased reports that reveal the crimes of the Taliban group have been published many times on the website and other virtual addresses of Pishgo news agency.

The members of Taliban group tried many times to prevent the news of this group’s crimes from being broadcast by Peshgo news agency.

The intelligence of the Taliban has contacted the address of this news agency three times from the addresses of different people and even warned them to prevent the spread of the crimes of this group, but each time they received a negative response.

This is because the Taliban group has surrendered the government of Afghanistan in a political program by Ashraf Ghani.
The Taliban has never been at the will of the Afghan people, and on the contrary, this group has violated human rights and has not provided any human and social services to the citizens since the surrender of the government.

Killing of ex-soldiers, rights laws including the ban on women’s education, the ban on women’s movement in the city and the women’s market, the prevention of work and social activities, the forced migration of people from their ancestral homes. , torturing ordinary people under various pretexts. Torture and arbitrary arrest of journalists and media activists in the capital and other cities for the crime of writing true and unbiased news.

Killing journalists for the crime of publishing news about the crimes of this group is one of the crimes of this group. which is not seen in any country or government.

The decision to cancel the activity license of ten media outlets, including Pishgo news agency, by the court of this group, which was ordered by several mullahs who violated all human and divine laws and did not respect any law, had no official status with Pishgo news agency, and this group itself violated human rights.

And our proposal to the International Court or the Hague Court is to decide as soon as possible about the crimes of this group and save 40 million Afghan people from the oppression of this barbaric group.

Ten media outlets that have been introduced to the court by the Taliban group to have their activity licenses revoked for publishing news against this group.
Peshgo News Agency, Ofaq News Agency, 8 Sobh News Agency, Kabul Sobh News Agency, Amaj News Agency, Etlaat Rooz, Rah Madaniat, Afghan News Agency, Raha News Agency, and Nimrokh website.

Peshgo news agency respectfully requests all international organizations to protect the rights of journalists to make a decision as soon as possible about the lives of the journalists and the families of these ten media outlets that are recognized as enemies by the terrorist group of the Taliban.

Otherwise, the responsibility for the lives of these journalists will be directed at those international organizations that did not defend the rights of the journalists of these media and even before, despite the repeated requests of these media to save the lives of the journalists of these media, they did not respond positively.

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