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A book exhibition held in Faizabad city by the girls!

This exhibition are organized under the name of Entrepreneurial Women by female students of Badakhshan University.

According to Peshgo News Agency: Today, Monday, 17 October 2022, a number of female economics students of Badakhshan University, in coordination with the Faculty of Economics of that province, held an exhibition under the name of Entrepreneurial Women.

These girls stated that the purpose of holding this exhibition is to portray the abilities of women and also added that by holding this exhibition, they want to gain experience so that if they want to become professionals in business in the future, how to offer goods to people.

In this exhibition, more than 50 works of art and food cooked by these women have been displayed for one day.

This book exhibition is organized by the girls of Badakhshan University, while after the rule of the Taliban group, girls do not have the right to study in Afghanistan after the 6th grade, and women have also lost there jobs and they have no permission to work in government offices under the administration of the Taliban group.

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