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Arrest of 3 armed thieves from the 8 district!

Kabul police report the arrest three of armed robbers in Kabul

Kabul Police Spokesman Ferdows Faramarz told Peshgo News Agency today Tuesday that three armed robbers entered a barber shop in the 8th District of Karte-e-Naw area last night and threatened three Kabul citizens with guns and They injured one person.

According to Mr. Faramouz, the police entered the case and after half an hour, all three thieves named Baktash, Amrullah and Habib, who were riding in a Corolla-type vehicle, were identified and arrested by the police from the area of ​​the Dafe hawa hill.

Faramarz also said that the thieves have been identified as victims and that their cases will be handed over to the judiciary after a police investigation.

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