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Taliban kill 7 ANP in Kunduz province


In the past 24 hours, the third security checkpoint in Kunduz province has fallen to the Taliban and many security forces have been killed and injured.

The Taliban attacked a police checkpoint on the Khan Abad-Aliabad-Kunduz highway at around 8pm tonight.

A security source said that as a result of the attack of Taliban fighters killed seven policemen and another was missing.

According to the security source, the Taliban also set fire to a Humvee tank at the checkpoint and took all the combat equipment with it.

It is noteworthy that in the past 24 hours, an army checkpoint in Khel Gadai village of Aliabad district and another checkpoint in Jil Tappeh village of Aliabad district had fallen, causing heavy casualties to the security forces.

Report – Faisal Noori

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