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A major rocket attack was prevented in Kabul.


A suicide bomber was arrested in Nangarhar and a car loaded with rockets was discovered in Kabul.

At around 6 am today 9 October 2020 , the country’s security forces inspected a Corolla vehicle which eight BM1 rounds of ammunition were planted and aimed at a rocket attack on Kabul.

According to sources in the Ministry of National Defense, the terrorists wanted to transfer it to Kabul, which was swam by army forces in Qarabagh district of Kabul province.

In other news from Nangarhar province, Nangarhar national security officials arrested a Taliban member named Abbas, who was planning to carry out a suicide attack on a district in this province, before being targeted arrested by NDS personnel.

The suicide bomber admitted in his initial investigation that Abdullah and Azizullah, two members of the Taliban’s intelligence service, had planned to carry out the suicide attack.


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