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Floods in Parwan have killed and injured 156 people.


The latest statistics received by Peshgoo News Agency show that as a result of last night’s floods that occurred in the center of Parwan province, the bodies of 66 people have been pulled out from under the rubble or ruins of houses and 90 others have been injured. 

Parwan governor’s spokeswoman Waheeda Shahkar said joint military and civilian forces and ambulances from the Parwan Public Health Department were assisting with the bodies and injuries of flood victims.

Meanwhile, Dr. Safiullah Warasteh, director of public health in Parwan province, said that so far the bodies of 58 people had been taken to the central hospital of the province and 90 others were injured.

Dr. Warasteh also said that so far the Public Health Department of Parwan province has been able to fight this challenge alone and we did not have any problems, but the aid to be sent by the Ministry of Health to Parwan province will reach Parwan province in a few minutes,

According to the director of health in Parwan province, these figures are not final and are changing every moment.

Reported by, Robina amini

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