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636 youths people in Kandahar province joined the army.


636 youth people joined the National Army after receiving military training in Kandahar province.

Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense said, that 636 young people, including 16 women, had graduated from the Kandahar Regional Military Training Center after receiving military training.

Brigadier General  “Mirasdullah Kouhestani,” the commander of the 205th Attal Corps, said at the graduation ceremony yesterday that the youths wore national army uniforms to defend Afghanistan, and that their path was the path of truth and holiness.

After God, the eyes and hopes of our people are on these young people to serve and fight for the security of our country.

The graduated soldiers pledged not to spare any effort in the fight against the enemies of Afghanistan and will fight against the enemies of the country until the end of their lives.

Reported – Negina Amini

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