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Celebration of the Samanak festival in Badakhshan

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Report, Sharif Shayeq. Translate, Shaker Rasekh.

Women of Badakhshan set up a celebration of “Samanak” in the hope of peace.

dozens of young girls gathered alongside of the old women and cooked “Samanak” in hopes of a non-violent year. Samanak festival is held every year in Badakhshan in the early spring and its goal is to create a good year for the year ahead, and this celebration is a symbolic act.

Shireen” is a seventy-year-old woman of Badakhshan, who is happy to attend this celebration and said: “I have come at the celebration to the wish of the year of peace and tranquility.

Alina Ghiyasi, the head of women’s affairs of Badakhshan province said: The celebration of Samanak is the traditional ancient custom of the Afghanistan people, especially of the people of Badakhshan, which is held annually by women for the year of peace and tranquility.” Launching the celebration is a long tradition of the Badakhshan people that women gather a place on the first days of the year and they express joy to make a happy year with cheerfulness.


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